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For most, a visit to the dentist in Smile Craft Dental can be a nerve-wracking experience but it’s one of those things that everyone should do on a regular basis. Oral health is extremely important and seeing your local dentist in Smile Craft Dental is a vital part of ensuring that your teeth and gums are kept in good condition. Everyone understands the needs to get teeth cleaned twice a year but they should also look at a visit to look after their teeth as an opportunity to improve their overall dental health.

The best way to do that is to sit down with your oral health practitioner or hygienist and ask for their advice or input on how to keep your teeth and gums in good shape. Here are some of the things you should be asking your dentist in Smile Craft Dental.


Ask about mouth health

One of the first things you should ask about is how your mouth is doing overall when it comes to health. Your oral hygienist will be able to tell you if anything is a serious concern and what steps you can take to improve the health of your mouth. Many people do not understand what food can do to the health of their mouths and a reputable dentist in Smile Craft Dental will be able to inform you of what to steer clear of and how to properly address any problems with your mouth health.


What tools should you be using


Everyone knows they should be using a toothbrush and toothpaste, but many people have not given much thought to what type of toothbrush they should be using, or what kind of toothpaste, dental floss or mouthwash they should use. Many oral hygienists will recommend electric toothbrushes but the type you choose can depend on the health of your mouth and gums and how hard you tend to brush your teeth, you may for instance require softer bristles if your gums are sensitive and you tend to press hard. The type of toothpaste you’re using may also be doing more harm than good if it’s using harsh whitening chemicals, if you have sensitive teeth your hygienist may recommend a toothpaste designed to reduce sensitivity for example. Speak to your hygienist in detail to find out what products they recommend.


Ask about treatments

dentist checking a patient's mouth

Another thing you might want to do is question your oral hygienist or dentist in Smile Craft Dental about the procedures or treatments that they will be performing on you during your appointment. If you’re particularly anxious around having someone work in your mouth then the additional information can help you to feel more comfortable and can also help you to understand whether you actually need treatments or whether they’re simply for cosmetic reasons. You can also work out what you need to be performed urgently, and what can wait – this can help you to prioritise and reduce sticker shock with expensive appointments. Your practitioner may suggest cosmetic treatments but these aren’t for mouth health and will generally be optional.


Teeth grinding

If you’re one of the many people that grind your teeth during the day or night then it’s good to speak to your dentist in Smile Craft Dental about it. A good oral hygienist will be able to tell you if you’re doing it as you may not even know and can help you to recognise some of the common signs such as headache or a clicking jaw. Your practitioner will be able to recommend procedures or treatments such as a mouth guard or botox to protect your mouth.


Ask about the signs of oral cancer

Many people don’t think about the possibility of getting oral cancer, unfortunately, it’s hard to pick up on in the early stages but it’s a good idea to get screened for it. The sooner it is detected the better the treatment outcomes tend to be.