It is important to ask how many people will use this scale, and for what use (monitoring for sports, diet, etc.). Some connected scales can indeed register more users than others and differentiate them!

If you intend this scale as a tool in your quest for a perfect body (as a great athlete you are), you can also look for a scale with some specific options, such as monitoring the heart rate or speed — pulse wave.

The display

What size does this display? Does it have a backlit system or not (all scales in this comparison have a backlit display). Is it easy to read?

We often forget about these kinds of questions, but they are very important.

The application

The app is in a way the heart of your connected scale and it is with this one that you will make the most of it. It should be easy to use, clear and if possible, provide relevant advice for keeping fit and good health.


Of course, the measurement of weight and body mass index must be sufficiently accurate. But that’s not all, because connected scales usually offer many other measures.

They will probably also assess your muscle mass, bone mass, fat levels etc. For an athlete or someone on a strict diet, this can be extremely convenient.

You can also, depending on the model, benefit from personalized coaching, with a follow-up of efforts as well as goals to be achieved and help / tips to achieve it.

Among the most common features and measures, we can find the calculation of weight

and indices of bone mass, fat, and muscle, sending all information to the related application, creating charts, graphs and curves showing the evolution over time, calculating the heart rate, speed pulse wave, hydration rate …

And for the most complete, we can also have functions such as the weather indication or indication of the quality of the ambient air, which, if not useful in controlling your weight (and the rest) may be interesting.