Group of people using bongs

As the years go by, smoking cannabis using bongs is becoming a culture among the young and old. Newer consumption techniques are flooding the community of smokers across the globe. However, one thing remains—nothing is classier than smoking from bongs. Many smokers still kick themselves mentally when they make wrong choices. In this article, we hope to get the job half done for you. All you need to do is to read to the end and choose from the choicest selection we have curated just for you. 

Bongs—What are they? 

For the benefit of new smokers or people who have just come of age, bongs are like water pipes used to smoke tobacco or cannabis. Why use them? Because they cool down the smoke and make it less harsh. Its parts are made up of a bowl, neck or tube, bong, and mouthpiece.

  1. Freeze pipe bong. 

It’s a 23 inches bong made from borosilicate glass and has a 3-level filtration system. The smoke passes through each of these 3 systems providing filtration and cold before it hits the user’s mouth, nostrils, and lungs. It’s important to note that the third filter is made out of a glycerin coil that can be frozen before use. What more? Its bowl is about 18mm deep. You can try different types of tobacco or cannabis products with bongs like these. 

  1. My bud vase bong.

This bong is quite stylish and portrays elegance. Made from ceramic, it is about 8 inches tall and 3 inches wide and has different flower designs on its body. People who appreciate artisan-made products will find this bong intriguing to use. What more? It’s lightweight and you could travel with it anywhere you go in this world. 

  1. On Point Glass bong 

This bong is shaped like a duck and is made from glass. Smokers who enjoy smoking from a seated position will find this bong quite useful as it reduces neck strain. Its bowl is about 14mm and can be used as a dab rig. Thing is, its aesthetic value will be better appreciated by people who enjoy seeing visually appealing things. 

  1. 4. 24″ Infyniti Tree bong 

It’s a very large bong. Larger than the ones we have listed so far. It can deliver big hits to its users as well as very smooth ones too. Its base is about 5 inches when you take its length. It glows in the dark and has about six slits diffusers. 

  1. EYCE 2.0 bongs

Are you organizing a house smoke party? The EYCE 2.0 bongs will make the perfect choice for that. The interesting thing about this bong is you can make one yourself. All you need to do is to place the BPA-free silicone mold and allow it to freeze after filling it with water. Remove the mold after it’s frozen. Your bong is now ready for use! Try using this bong in holiday seasons or when you have hangouts with friends or colleagues. Which is your favorite among the listed bongs above?