corporate flu shots service

Are you enlightened about the importance of the flu vaccines, but you are worried that your workers won’t get vaccinated? Or have you heard about corporate flu shots but don’t know how to go about it? Then you will find this guide helpful.

It’s the flu season, and you are probably scared about your employees’ health and office productivity. Research has shown how important it is to vaccinate this season, but many Australians fail to receive the shots. The onsite corporate flu shots agencies can handle this issue for you.

These clinics work with you directly to vaccinate all your employees in your workplace. Apart from ensuring that everyone gets the shot, they save you money while ensuring your company’s productivity is not lost to this illness.

Planning one for your office isn’t as hard as it means. Below are some steps you can use to organise a successful and smooth corporate flu shots service for your company.

  • Make Arrangements With A Clinic.

Picking a medical agency to work with is the first step when planning corporate flu shots for your employees. And you will need to do your own research before making your choice. Conduct interviews with the potential agencies you are considering. 

Your pick should be a provider that perfectly meets your organization’s and workers’ needs. It would help if you had certain key factors in mind when scouting. These factors include company experience, cost, work process, quality of their nurse, and customer support.

  • Scheduling The Event.

This step is vital to you when organizing corporate flu shots for your employees. After you have selected your medical provider to work with, the next thing to consider is planning the event early

You wouldn’t want to hear that they have been booked all month long and can’t work with the specific date you have in mind. Also, most providers will need time to prepare for your event, so you need to pick a date before your workers start to call in sick.

It would be best to have your employees in mind when picking your date. Choose a date that will work best for many staffs as possible. Make the event’s date flexible, especially if you have a large company. 

Set time or date slots for different units of your company to make the process easy and convenient.

  •  Host The Clinic.

Before the day of your corporate flu shots clinic, create a checklist of things you need and make sure that everything is taken care of properly before the medical team comes. Discuss with the agency so that you are sure everything that you should handle has been sorted.

On the clinic day, you should have a room prepared for the medical team before they get to your office. Print all necessary forms and documents beforehand so it doesn’t cause any delay. Try to make yourself available that day of the corporate flu shots in case something comes up. 

It’s vital to note that your employees’ participation on that day will determine whether your event was successful or not. Spread the news about the upcoming clinic to your staff properly and early. 

Use different methods and resources like newsletters, emails, and filers to ensure everyone gets the info and is aware of the date. Planning your onsite corporate flu shots clinic shouldn’t be a problem if you can follow through with these steps.