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Your Complete Guide to Getting Online Wedding Invitations


If you are considering buying online wedding invitations, there are a few things you need to know. From proper etiquette to which business to choose, this guide provides a rundown of how to do it right.

E-vites are becoming incredibly popular thanks to the ubiquitousness of digital technology. With everyone on their smartphones 24/7, it’s far more convenient to simply email them a request to attend your marital ceremony than to mail them out one!


The benefits

Besides being convenient, here are some of the major benefits to working with online wedding invitations:

Save the planet

Ditch the paper waste in favour of a digital e-vite – the environment will thank you for it. Think about it – India has more than 10 million marital ceremonies annually, with an average of 500 guests per ceremony. That’s a heck of a lot of paper spend on cards! By using e-vites you can save a lot of trees.

Get animated

Online wedding invitations allow you to share animated characters and GIFs, which can look really cute and unique. Your options for styling your cards are endless!

Save money

One of the greatest benefits of this option is their affordability. E-vites are so much cheaper than printing them. This gives you more money to save for your honeymoon!


How to create them

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Creating them is super easy – and you don’t have to be a graphic designer to do it. Here’s the process in 5 simple steps:

  1. Choose your favourite online wedding invitations platform
  2. Browse the templates available and select your favourite
  3. Personalise the template – adding your names and venue details etc. as needed
  4. Make your purchase
  5. Share them!

Tips and tricks

Here are a few tips for making your cards truly stand out – and to make sure your etiquette is on point.

Linking to your gift registry

You can add a link to your gift registry, but only if you’re not adding a link to your marriage website, too. If you have a website, simply put the gift registry link onto it and link the website on your e-vite.

Add all the necessary information

Make sure you don’t forget the essential information like venue address, how to RSVP, and what the date is. Otherwise you’ll have very few people turning up to your big day!

The right time to send it

The best time to send your online wedding invitations is around 4-6 weeks before the marital ceremony, or 12 weeks if you’re having it overseas.

Use a spacious design

Avoid cluttered designs and text as this can overwhelm the reader and look quite unappealing. Instead, ensure there is plenty of space in your online wedding invitations and use a colour that pairs with the font and theme of your affair. Make sure to use a font that is readable.

BCC your contacts

If you are sending out a mass email with the e-vite and/or an update, ensure to BCC your contacts. This avoids any drama associated with people who don’t get along finding out about each other and so on.

Use a reputable provider

Use word of mouth reviews and recommendations from family and friends to find the right digital stationary store for you and your needs. Ensure their pricing is transparent and affordable.

Online wedding invitations are an affordable, modern and environmentally-friendly alternative to printed cards and are fast becoming the norm in western society. That being said, it is still vital to uphold good etiquette and ensure your cards are attractive, readable and have all the necessary information on them.

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6 Checkpoints When Finding Italian Sofas from Sydney Stores

City residents on the hunt for Italian sofas Sydney stores won’t be short for options or for quality.

The start and end point for many homeowners in this case will center around price – how much will this cost us and can we find the same product for less?

The financial element is not to be underestimated, but there are 6 key checkpoints that will help shoppers to determine if that figure is warranted or if there is a better option still out there.


1) Quality Brand & Trustworthy Seller

Starting your journey with finding Italian sofas from Sydney stores should begin with a shortlist of credible businesses. There will be the deluxe high-end outlets to those who are in the general retail industry, each one vying for ratings, reviews and feedback online from their customers. Google, Facebook and a litany of domestic furniture related websites will be open for public consumption, ensuring that no one is kept in the dark for which supplier actually delivers the goods.


2) Think About Your Domestic Colour Scheme

Residents will look at Italian sofas from Sydney stores thinking about the texture and feel for the product. While this is an essential element, the aesthetics do come into play, helping to create a picture and mood for the space just by its own colour scheme. The dark and cool colour schemes emote a sense of privacy and intimacy, sporting dark blues, black, violet and green. Those who want a warm and welcoming aesthetic are better off with warmer colour tones, utilising brown, gold, yellow and red.


3) Dimensions & Size

Italian sofas from Sydney stores that are too big or too small for a domestic living space never provide real value for money. Bring out the measuring tape and determine what will actually fit, removing the need to make drastic lifestyle alterations around the living room. There could be coffee tables, cabinets, pots, armchairs, television sets and other products that have to be included as part of the equation, but the fit will be key to determining viability and value.


4) Durable Fabric

It is unavoidable that Italian sofas from Sydney stores will be exposed to a fair level of wear and tear over its lifetime. The focus should not be trying to avoid this scenario, but to acquire a sofa that can withstand and flourish under these conditions. In this setting, authentic leather and synthetic microfiber selections have an edge over their cotton and linen counterparts.


5) Comfort Level

A true test that has to be applied to Italian sofas from Sydney stores is ensuring that the product is comfortable. After all, this is the purpose of having an asset like this at home whether it is placed in front of the television, fireplace or somewhere else to relax and unwind. Men and women will use these sofas anywhere between 30 minutes a day to 4 or 5 hours depending on their schedule, so the comfort level will be a central consideration. Some individuals will like softer fabric to rest into while others will prefer a firmer texture – this is a purely objective exercise that has to be tried in a storeroom instead of taking a recommendation at face value.


6) Delivery & Warranty Included

Sydney outlets that provide these Italian brands for constituents won’t be selling their stock cheaply. Given that imposition that is placed on the consumer, it is within their right to do business with a supplier that packages in home delivery and a warranty should anything go array between the time of the transaction and its initial use. These measures will help to put the price tag into perspective, offering a series of policies that will either add value to the proposition or fall short of expectations.


Shoppers who invest a little bit more time and effort by following these checkpoints will identify Italian sofas from Sydney stores that meet their tastes and requirements. Brands from Italy carry that extra degree of luxury and prestige, so why not think about this selection to avoid being sold short?

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